Comments of Prior Executive Course Participants

“Since my first 10-day course in 1984, Vipassana has profoundly transformed my life. My practice allows me to approach daily life with increasing awareness, balance, and equanimity. These factors combine with other benefits of Vipassana to enhance decision making and performance in my personal and corporate life. Vipassana also helps me approach interactions with others with more compassion and understanding. I attribute a large measure of the success I’ve enjoyed in my business to my Vipassana practice.”
– Stephen Gorn, Chairman/CEO – Questar Properties, Inc.

“Vipassana leads to clearer thinking and clear thinking is good for business.”
– L. Freese, Vice President, Freese & Nichols, Inc., Fort Worth, TX

“After the course, I am more tolerant, empathetic towards others.”
– B. Houlihan, Partner, Stoll, Keenon & Park, Lexington, KY

“I have become more efficient than ever.”
– D. Lai, President, Sun Chemical Supply Co. Ltd., Taiwan

“The course has profoundly changed my life.”
– M. Schaffer, President & CEO, Global Tactics, Spokane, WA

“After the course, I have better ability to cope with stress, better concentration, and higher energy level.”
– Previous Executive Course participant

“I have grown in equanimity.”
– P. Gysi, Marketing Director, Switzerland

“Am calmer, less reactive, less irritable, more focused!”
– C. Moe, Principal, A&M Business Interior Services, St Croix, MN

“More relaxed, do not get angry, good listener, and performance is excellent along with productivity.”
– S. Soni, Medical Director, Northern Cancer Center, Dixon, IL

“Most valuable thing that I learnt was that there is an ancient, simple way to achieve happiness and serenity that really works.”
– C. McGuire, Consultant, New York, NY

“Less stress: not attached to the actions of others, so I don’t create conflict by responding negatively.”
– S. Clute, Attorney, Richmond, VA

“Continued improvement! Calmer in the face of client anxiety and market conditions.”
– N. Stevens, Vice President, Sales, Reber/Russell Company, Boulder, CO

“The most important thing that I took away from the course was surrendering to the process and letting it unfold – contrary to my business training (attack mode).”
– N. Stevens, Vice President, Sales, Reber/Russell Company, Boulder, CO

“Vipassana is an art of living through continuous self improvement. It has helped me immensely in adverse conditions being tolerant to others and taking action as opposed to blind reaction.”
– R. Vaid, Partner, Pacesetter Capital